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  • Artist: Roxy Russell

    My interest for photography, and the way it captures something with so little, emerged early on and continues to fascinate me. My work is about trying to capture, to preserve something that is always in passing or changing. The sun, water, horizons. A continuous flow. It is about the process, duration, and inscription. Exploring the […]

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    Artist: Cory Sever

    The current project I am proposing within the ComPeung Artist Residency combines both wearable headpieces, along with autobiographical narrative drawings. I plan within the offered time to complete a minimum of 5 masks using materials both found and purchased within Thailand. I often refer to these masks as my ‘Cast of Bandits’ in which each […]

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  • Artist: Sal Cooper

    Fugue for Lost Voices All that I’ve lived I have forgotten…All that I might be I don’t remember – Fernando Pesso This work concerns ideas of flight, escape, memory and dissociation. It has developed from a consideration of the Fugue as a musical form, and has led to an exploration of the condition of dissociative […]

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    Artist: Chong Wang

    Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental

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