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  • Artist: Zoe Francis Spowage & Rufus Newell

    Sharing a love of drawing, we use our environments to inspire and inform our work. Rufus is influenced by the historic sculptures and artefacts from his workplace,( the Hepworth museum and art gallery) and sketches there daily. He then takes this to the studio to enlarge and develop them into colourful and expressive paintings. This […]

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    Artist: Jodi Colella

    My practice includes both solo work and participatory exchanges with community to create sculptures and installations that explore human relationship, our capacity for loneliness and our need to belong. Using a needle as my primary tool, I transform found objects and inventive materials into dimensional expressions. In my public artworks the essential conceptual element is […]

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  • Artist: Manon Bogerd Wada

    In 2014 while studying in Tuscany, Italy, I began developing blueprints for a structure carved into the earth. An intervention into landscape and site, the form of this project takes shape through removal of soil and the creation of negative space. This piece gestures towards the architecture of a house sunken into the ground with […]

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    Artist: Alex Wang

      I came to Chiang Mai in 2007 to take part in the Land Foundation’s One Year Project II residency program. I left Chiang Mai in 2009 to pursue graduate school in San Francisco – an amazing place that has become increasingly expensive, White, segregated and conservative. This past year, my living situation has become […]

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