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  • Artist: G.Louise Cooper & Jeremy Barnett

      The aim of the installation would be to respond to and highlight the landscape surrounding Chiang Mai. We find it of the utmost importance that the installation is site-specific and sensitive to its context. In taking an initial photographic glance at the landscape, we have felt a certain trepidation at its power. We would […]

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    Artist: YoonJung Lee

    I constantly lived in cities and I was accustomed to hectic and fast-paced lifestyle of the metropolis. Which made my perspective limited by thinking that “this object came into my life”. This leads to a stagnating viewpoint, as if I’m imitating my own scene. In turn, the act of painting becomes like repeating the same […]

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  • Artist: Diana Shepherd

    I am an artist in residence at England’s first public park, The Derby Arboretum. In addition to this I am co-founder and lead artist of visual arts organisation Artblock. I create and deliver a diverse range of arts projects particularly within schools and community settings. My work as an independent artist primarily focuses on drawing. […]

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    Artist: Zoe Francis Spowage & Rufus Newell

    Sharing a love of drawing, we use our environments to inspire and inform our work. Rufus is influenced by the historic sculptures and artefacts from his workplace,( the Hepworth museum and art gallery) and sketches there daily. He then takes this to the studio to enlarge and develop them into colourful and expressive paintings. This […]

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