The-Other The infinite possibilities that exist in our universe give me the freedom to imagine and create. I mainly find my inspiration in nature, in trees and their roots, plants, […]

Artist: Guadalupe Quesada   Recently updated !

Xinran Du is an independent contemporary Chinese artist. Since 2012 she has been studying at Goldsmiths, University of London. In the past three years in London, working in performance and […]

Artist: Xinran Du

Stone Where The World Lived, 2015, oil on canvas, 122 x 153 cm
The experience of going to northern Thailand from Ireland raises many questions concerning the nature of the artistic/creative act in these two hugely different cultures, in which the role of […]

Artist: Patrick Hall

Ice, 2015 @ComPeung
Michael Flynn originally from Chester Springs Pennsylvanian USA a town one hour west of Philadelphia is a professional studio artist and educator. His research in sculpture and digital imagery often […]

Artist: Michael Flynn

In addition to the established residency program, ComPeung is expanding its artistic outreach and presence by offering retreat-style workshops to the wider community. International and Thai artists are invited to […]

ComPeung’s Workshops : May 2015   Recently updated !

ComPeung-Traidhos Partnership ComPeung and Traidhos artist residencies Thailand are proud to announce their new artist-in-residence opportunity. In this new collaborative partnership, artists undertaking a regular residency at ComPeung have the […]

ComPeung-Traidhos Partnership

meltdown Multiply crises keep us in suspense: financial crisis, wars, global warming and diseases put us in a diffuse nervous condition with no orientation. The media flood our perceptions with complex, […]

Artists: Bankleer   Recently updated !

Wet, spatial video installation at OHM gallery, Berlin, 2014
I created new video work at the forest, waterfall, jungle, mountain. Collaborated with some artists based in Thailand. I went to Deep jungle near Doi Saket where is the north […]

Artist: Ink Agop