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  • Artist: Thomas Arendt

        The astronomer Carl Sagan said “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” I try to grasp being a part of it, and it being a part of me. And I am drawn by curiosity to the beauty and the patterns of the natural world.   It’s a paradox, that in […]

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    Artist: Sarah Bernstein

      I am interested in creating a series of objects and videos related to my recent exploration of Japanese Butoh Dance and the way in which this dance form conveys a specific yet abstracted story through hyper-realized emotional expression. I plan to fashion a series of symbolic objects, small collages and simple costumes to weave into several autobiographical dances that […]

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  • Artist: Gary Shinfield

    From the essay Of Site and Connection – reflections on a personal journey by Karen Ball Gary Shinfield is known for large printed works on paper that inhabit a gallery space like wandering explorers, not lost, just contemplating the terrain. This artist records topographical, archaeological and fleeting human forms with a unique gestural mark but […]

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    Artist: Allegra Mee

    During my residency at ComPeung I will be creating a series of textile designs, which I will ultimately use to create wall tapestries. I have always been fascinated by the natural world and the work I produce during this residency program will focus on this subject matter. I am sure that the tranquil and leafy grounds […]

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