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  • Artist: Ashley Williams

    While an Artist-in-Residence at ComPeung, I plan to work on a series of small paintings and a book project. The book will explore alternative and sometimes unexpected methods of human communication (historical and imagined) including visual imagery, sign language, whale song, and other, stranger methods of creating and maintaining human connection. Because this book focuses […]

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    Artist: Femke Teussink

    I need some time to reflect on my artwork and I’m searching for a new way to look at my art and art generally.  I noticed that I had a big question –  ‘What is art?’ Here, I think, my journey begins… Femke Teussink graduated in 2000 as a visual artist specialized in photography at Art Academy […]

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  • Artist: Jovi Klak

    I have come to the realization that I am more interested in becoming an artist and finding my own artistic/illustrative style. At ComPeung I am hoping to grow as a person and artist. I am hoping for peace and quiet with my thoughts. I am hoping to be submerged into a culture different than my […]

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    Artist: G.Louise Cooper & Jeremy Barnett

      The aim of the installation would be to respond to and highlight the landscape surrounding Chiang Mai. We find it of the utmost importance that the installation is site-specific and sensitive to its context. In taking an initial photographic glance at the landscape, we have felt a certain trepidation at its power. We would […]

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