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  • Artist: AdeY

    At the heart of my images I bring to light discussions around gender roles and the relevance this has in societies all around the globe. I’m searching for new and fresh ways in which to approach an old debate that resonate with contemporary society. Through using ideas of gender neutrality and breaking down typical roles […]

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    Artist: Tsai-Yi-Chi (aka Eki)

    The abstract and realistic are not exist for me. Believe or paint what I see rather than what is real. Building the nature of soul strongly. I’m going to meet the people and environment who I’m most interested and curious and use my way to create the work for the place. My habitual material are […]

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  • Artist: Thomas Arendt

        The astronomer Carl Sagan said “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” I try to grasp being a part of it, and it being a part of me. And I am drawn by curiosity to the beauty and the patterns of the natural world.   It’s a paradox, that in […]

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    Artist: Sarah Bernstein

      I am interested in creating a series of objects and videos related to my recent exploration of Japanese Butoh Dance and the way in which this dance form conveys a specific yet abstracted story through hyper-realized emotional expression. I plan to fashion a series of symbolic objects, small collages and simple costumes to weave into several autobiographical dances that […]

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