Guadalupe-Quesada The infinite possibilities that exist in our universe give me the freedom to imagine and create. I mainly find my inspiration in nature, in trees and their roots, plants, […]

Artist: Guadalupe Quesada

ComPeung is now offering a unique experience for travelers and art lovers to stay in our earthen homes within our community via airbnb. Please spread the news, share to your […]

ComPeung Is Now On Airbnb

Xinran Du is an independent contemporary Chinese artist. Since 2012 she has been studying at Goldsmiths, University of London. In the past three years in London, working in performance and […]

Artist: Xinran Du   Recently updated !

Stone Where The World Lived, 2015, oil on canvas, 122 x 153 cm
The experience of going to northern Thailand from Ireland raises many questions concerning the nature of the artistic/creative act in these two hugely different cultures, in which the role of […]

Artist: Patrick Hall

Ice, 2015 @ComPeung
Michael Flynn originally from Chester Springs Pennsylvanian USA a town one hour west of Philadelphia is a professional studio artist and educator. His research in sculpture and digital imagery often […]

Artist: Michael Flynn

ComPeung-Traidhos Partnership ComPeung and Traidhos artist residencies Thailand are proud to announce their new artist-in-residence opportunity. In this new collaborative partnership, artists undertaking a regular residency at ComPeung have the […]

ComPeung-Traidhos Partnership   Recently updated !

meltdown Multiply crises keep us in suspense: financial crisis, wars, global warming and diseases put us in a diffuse nervous condition with no orientation. The media flood our perceptions with complex, […]

Artists: Bankleer

Wet, spatial video installation at OHM gallery, Berlin, 2014
I created new video work at the forest, waterfall, jungle, mountain. Collaborated with some artists based in Thailand. I went to Deep jungle near Doi Saket where is the north […]

Artist: Ink Agop