Cory Sever (USA)


The current project I am proposing within the ComPeung Artist Residency combines both wearable headpieces, along with autobiographical narrative drawings. I plan within the offered time to complete a minimum of 5 masks using materials both found and purchased within Thailand. I often refer to these masks as my ‘Cast of Bandits’ in which each character has an individual purpose and persona tied directly to my own dream narrative.

After constructing the wearable sculptures and exploring the lush surroundings and culture, I then plan to execute 3-5 large scale drawings influenced by the relationship created within the ComPeung environment.

Within this environment, the vibrancy of Thailand will greatly impact the voice created through wearable sculpture and drawing. That being said I further believe aspects of performance will inadvertently be a part of my stay at ComPeung.
Cory Sever is an American artist located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri who’s focus ranges from wearable soft sculpture to dream narrative drawings. Through creating imaginative and vibrant bandit like characters which represent a wide range of subjects, Sever creates scenarios and spaces for which this cast of bandits can perform. The playfulness between several mediums allow him to dialogue with the viewer through nearly every human sense.