Diana Shepherd (UK)

First experimental canvas finished inspired by the surrounding lakes @ComPeung. December 2016

I am an artist in residence at England’s first public park, The Derby Arboretum. In addition to this I am co-founder and lead artist of visual arts organisation Artblock. I create and deliver a diverse range of arts projects particularly within schools and community settings. My work as an independent artist primarily focuses on drawing. The influences of traditional Asian Art and Expressionism can be seen in my minimal ink drawings which contrast with more expressive works in charcoal. I am particularly interested in creating large scale work outside the traditional gallery space and enabling members of the public to view and engage with the work in progress.

My objectives for the residency would be to create a new and personally challenging body of work which would result in an installation of large drawings. I wish to be influenced and inspired by a new culture and further develop my drawing skills.

I would love the opportunity to visit temples in the local area which would interest me both creatively and culturally. I would also like to learn more about aspects of Buddhism. This reflects my desire to be in an environment which would enable me to focus and simplify my process of working.