Fiona Hermse (Scotland)


Seemingly stepping into a different world at ComPeung, my aim was to expand the boundaries of my background discipline in Art Jewelry, by creating an installation. 

The heat of the day and intrigue of my immersion in tropical nature and Buddhist animistic philosophy led me to experiment simply with ink and paper through repetitive mark making, drawing and painting. I began cutting, shaping and sewing the paper pieces, giving them three-dimensional form. They slowly began to take on their own subtle personalities as the light and shadow changed and breeze and stillness alternated in the constant sonance of the place. Suspended on an eerie, iridescent, floating net they make visible my perception of the characteristics and individual spirits of the flora and fauna of this idyllic environment.


Scottish Artist and Jeweller Fiona Hermse lives and works in the historic city of Edinburgh.  Artistic photography, drawing, traditional craft techniques as well as installation all play a key role in the development of her work.

 “Constantly inspired by our interaction with the natural world, I am particularly fascinated by superstition, spiritual belief and myth in nature.

Pieces from my most recent collection have been inspired by poignancy of emotion created in response to work by the late Scottish poet Olive Fraser.   Her highly visual poetry resonated with me and I wanted to create physical objects from the strong imagery her verses created in my mind.

I have been expanding my skills to create these art jewellery pieces.  Origami, lace making, knit and crotchet as well as traditional lost wax casting, enamel and raising have all formed a vital part.

Through the pieces in this collection I aim to give tribute to this little known poet Olive Fraser,  subsequently connecting emotion provoked by the art of the written word with creation and subsequent viewing of a crafted object.”