Franzisca Siegrist (Switzerland)


In previous years my works were mostly inspired by the concept of movement and also more recently by nature. The idea of integrating nature in my work is still visible, in form of an object or as a working space.

In performance art I have found an extended way of developing ideas, having the possibility to related also to other art disciplines, such as sculpture, video or installation, but using always performance art as a base.

Creating with this interdisciplinary way gives me the opportunity to seek the possibilities of my body and observe the relations with time and space.

Usually they are simple objects from everyday life I use to create pieces, transforming their use, taking them out of their regular context and giving them a new meaning. Working with the symbiosis among artistic and daily actions is in my ongoing projects a starting point, combining these concepts and researching the borders. Observing and analyzing all the actions we realize and repeat every day inspire me.

The result of my performances ranges between absurd and poetical images, and are often site specific works.

At ComPeung I will be researching the local culture, their everyday life and their objects. Create a cultural exchange and through that, new everyday actions.