Guadalupe Quesada (Mexico)

Guadalupe Quesada

Guadalupe QuesadaGuadalupe Quesada

Guadalupe QuesadaGuadalupe Quesada

lupe and ceramicsThe infinite possibilities that exist in our universe give me the freedom to imagine and create. I mainly find my inspiration in nature, in trees and their roots, plants, corals, micro–‐organisms and other creatures, they are the starting point of a process of transformation of the forms, I rearrange them to create new assemblies of possible forms of life. I want to get inspired by Chiang Mai nature and landscapes, by the experience of being there. I recently started experimenting with video making, so for my ComPeung project I want to mix sculpture and video. I want to make wood and plaster sculptures and then project images of Chiang Mai nature on them. My sculptures are continuously changing and evolving as I work intuitively throughout the process of making, I construct my pieces without knowing what they will become.

The growing disorder of Guadalupe Quesada is always at the edge of the visceral, or is it rather vegetal? Mixing rough materials like wood, plaster or clay to create an explosion out of this world, an invasion in a fantastic and organic world.

Continuously questioning herself about the strangeness of the world, she compulsively expresses a world of dream, seeking refuge in fictional or magical worlds, born from a nourished spirit of science fiction, biology and botany. Her sculptures, hybrid creatures, reveal to our contemporary society the reflections of a clinical art.

Order or disorder, the work of the Mexican artist makes us think about the unfinished exploration of a humanity in constant movement. She is seeking these answers living a nomad life style, moving around the world. Her studies have gone from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris to Musashino Art University in Tokyo as well as a residency in Guldagergaard in Denmark. She has shown her work in Belgium, France, England, Denmark and Mexico. Guadalupe Quesada is a lifetime explorer as her journey continues…