Jovi Klak (Canada)

I have come to the realization that I am more interested in becoming an artist and finding my own artistic/illustrative style.

At ComPeung I am hoping to grow as a person and artist. I am hoping for peace and quiet with my thoughts. I am hoping to be submerged into a culture different than my own to help me realize what I truly want in my artistic style. I am searching for clarity.

b169624Wood Woman
​My name is Jovi Klak. I am 25 years old. I grew up on a grain farm 30 minutes north of Athabasca, Alberta, Canada.

Living 30 minutes away from a small town, I found solace in the outdoors. I would go for long walks with my two dogs and draw. I loved drawing as a child and would become so transfixed in it, I would lose track of time.

As an adult, I am constantly searching for that same happiness I felt as a child who was simply drawing.