Linda Armstrong (USA)


Random thoughts
upon returning and arriving.

Aesthetic Ecology

Two trees staring
not at each other but in the same direction.

“Thai Buddhist monks wrap orange clerical robes around trees to protect forests. “Ordaining” a tree is a provocative ritual that has become the symbol of a small but influential monastic movement aimed at reversing environmental degradation and the unsustainable economic development and consumerism that fuel it.”


To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower.”
William Blake

Chance movements across continents provide for moments of reflection, and the collecting of images and raw materials. How do you explore the reality of a new place? I begin by stopping and looking, sensing, discovering small details that would be overlooked in more familiar surroundings.  I create a task to be completed: to explore a new place, whether city or country.

As an artist-in-residence at the ComPeung Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand I intend to create a temporary site-specific installation integrating dissolvo paper forms in the landscape. This material will leave no trace after the rainy season. What will remain is the experience of the maker and viewer, documentation and drawings.

This residency will allow me to expand my material vocabulary through creating a new site-specific installation in a unique site. This experience will have direct effect not only on my practice but also with being able to share the process thru documentation and working drawings.