Obiageli Okigbo (Nigeria/Belgium)


I studied in Nigeria, then graduated from Oxford Brooks University with a BA in architecture. I pursued my post-graduate studies at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. From 1992, I practiced architecture in London, Rome and Paris. In 2001, I began expanding my reach into the visual arts and have consequently exhibited in Nigeria, London, Dubai and Belgium (where I live and practice to date).

I am interested in archetypes: “primordial mental image inherited by all”. I am looking for points of convergence…constants. I look to Mythology, Nature and Science; they exist in every culture but with timeless themes. Myths are “clues” to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.


Work in progress:

I am currently working on a body of work: “Out of the Ashes” which I have been developing since 2008, exploring the notions of transcendence and metamorphosis in ‘Sacred Art’ practiced throughout various societies and eras.

During my residency at ComPeung, I will embark on the culmination of this research; a life size Re-production of the “Mystic Lamb”; the polyptych by Jan and Hubert Van Eyck, 1425 (measuring approximately 7m x3m in total). Inherently, this piece is perceived as an offering; a work of devotion; a celebration of the cyclical nature of the human condition, the everlasting quest for the Self and the truth of our existence.