Roman W. Schatz (Australia)


Art is often able to communicate on a level that language cannot; the language of music, colour and form.The artists ideas can be expressed in a way that is deeply personal for both, the artist and the viewer. My art making process is just as important as the outcome. The making of the art will also dictate the final outcome of the work, which is often different to what I set out to do. This is not to say that I am not sure what I am doing, it is merely a reflection, an organic approach I take with my art making. Just like a composer or a writer, each new step in the creation connects me to the next level towards the final outcome.


If art is a form of communication, then my current work takes communication as an art form. This expression of art happens in a multi layered way. The simple act of communicating my collaborative project to participants opens up a dialogue in art making. It questions the notion of what art is or can be. This in itself can be experienced as art; a work that exists as an idea. As I am working with people that often don’t speak english and I have no or little knowledge of their language, communication also happens in a more abstract way. Hand and facial gestures and small words being translated by someone. The concept of the work then takes on an individual form for each participant;, he/she will interpret my idea in their own way. When this happens in a collaborative work, such as the Thai butterfly project, the communication process has become as much a part of the work as the final expression of the form.

On another level, there is the conversation that I have with myself about the work.  Each day I take long walks, exploring my new environment. These walks are also part of my art.  As I walk I think, I observe and I process my work.  I am also exposed to the daily rhythm of village life, which connects me strongly to the local people I work with.

Conversing and traversing is my art!
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