Tatsuo Inagaki and students from Hosei University, Tokyo.

workshop with monks

Tatsuo Inagaki and students from Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Hosei University, Tokyo held a series of workshops in Doi Saket. At Wat Pratumsararam Nursery, they conducted creative workshops with pre-school students, which has been on an ongoing basis for the last 5 years. At Wat Doi Saket, they engaged in a series of cultural exchange activities with monk students. Since 2007 Inagaki has participated in ComPeung’s AiR program every year.

This year the participating Japanese students included: Mari Eda, Ami Nakayama, Tomoe Kadowaki, Takuma Ishige, Takuto Obara, Ichiko Ito, Mao Takeno, and Sumire Iwasa.


workshop with monks

workshop with nursery