Tsai-Yi-Chi : Eki (Taiwan)

The sojourn.

I would call the place sojourn where I live for a short time, since I sensible of everything exist at the place temporarily, if we regard as in a long time, even our whole life, just like the hermit-crab who live in a beach, their shell as well as our home. However, most of the place I sojourned in Thailand , just like one day I had a rest in the store, it was raining inside, there is no airtight space completely, most of buildings permeable wind are not necessary to install air conditioners. Why I rethink people close themselves in the locked huge door, even they make sure many times before they sleep, to feel safe; safe should come from staying outdoors, no fear with see a snake, no feel much fuss about, nothing to be a stab skin of the plant, to be indifferent for standing outside when raining would get soaked your body. To form involuntarily.

Secret places are not mysterious any more in the developed generation of public media, most of scenic lost their original form, decreasing view of the field, people and their article become a part of the scenery, former width only preserve in the pictures. Sometime can realize the scenery was pretty enough, why people or artists want to put things to join it. Therefore, once you discover the place, the world still preserves some original portion, preserve the community exist not for tourism or just for local life, would let me feel lucky and satisfying, feel negligible balance of the Earth.

Discover the moss changing around a lake; the garbages put front of ordinary people’s house in the morning, then disappeared in the afternoon; the papers that I put on the stones changed to have many holes in different shape, furthermore, snails and their poop remain on the surface; the pen’s water exhausted by an idea break out in two days; the typhoon destroyed my hometown when I am in Thailand, the ten years old things broken; use the clay blend with the sand to make many balls, then put on the sandbank transform to the sand and clay again by the storm.

Human’s life with their creation of everything, from big to small, hard or weak, it will change or disappeared follow by weather and time. As a result, let me eager to participate in changing. The imagination before your participation just the restless energy. However, after participation just the beginning of realization. Rethink how to interact with the environment with the harmless by an elapse of times, also how to become a part of it, anticipates using a kind of silent posture to blend surrounding.

Old papers collection.
We give environment too much, from buildings, road, the paper that we exchange from cut down the tree, to the deleterious gas. Rather than use the new thing or reproduce thing, better to think how to let the old life to blossom coloring. Therefore, the olds put under a shelf in store, dirts, recycles, pick it up to become the material of creation.

Arrange the exhibition around the lake.
Get into the underbrush, climb up the tree, to find out the appropriate location. When starting the exhibition, some works disappeared, others twisted appearance that I still recognize. A storm sculpts a busy morning of whole, the works original form only see for myself and two dog friends who are following. Pictures remain fortunately.

Conscious to let a month’s works change, disappear by weather. Although know a storm would change everything, but also eager to let unconscious mind, to experience disappear of harmless by the time, however, it’s very quick to change, just like the original form never, ever existed, but it’s already marked on the bottom of a heart by the uncomfortable feeling of disappearance. The work is finally accomplishes after recycling, pictures record the process.

Staying around animals, insects, forest surrounding, being with interesting artists couple, the Thai dad and mom who treat me like themselves daughter; two bicycles with exploration; discover local food at a traditional market; the hot coffee and iced beer permeate rain company with day and night; two dogs sit front of me already when I just open a snacks, eagle-eyed; experience for Thai local Massage with artists in the weekend; many countries of languages exchange in our three meals, the local spicy food let everyone unable to bear red face, sweat, even if local resident; doing yoga at the morning; take a bath in the wild’s hot spring with the moon and weird cloud; forest life of animals shake their tail, shine upon inside your eyes since you waking up then pushing out your room’s door at the morning; when you still immerse in the rebirth’s feeling, then already arrived exuberant time of a songbird. All feeling is locating at the fare climate of half rain and half sunny_the ends of the rainy season. This is my daily life in Doisaket, if believe these are the appearance of the freedom country, just experience it a tiny portion, tiny as a dream that I start out before.

The night not so long before I leave, Thailand pronounces their king gone at 7:00p.m of local time, died at the age of 88. Following to hear someone prudent to expound something that looks like they don’t have freedom of speech, from they indistinct talk about many that I didn’t know, even like except Thailand, the world still don’t know. Although my inside keep a suspicion, but believe their fear is real.

Being a short term residential traveler, I just impressed by surrounding variation which bring about the mental stress. Look at the citizen wearing a black costume; the store display more bunch of black cloth; screen black and white image with king’s history; some place of entertainment is ban running of newsflash; my country’s internal news alert me to be careful and polite with words, actions, costume. The city still busy, but appear psychological silence under expression of facial worrying. Reading an essay about his history of lifetime and death, imaging I born in this country, have been taught everything about this long time king since I was a child, each family has his picture, street side has his sculpture or portrait, regard him as a god to revere. Now he has gone but stay in everyones thoughts. King not just a part of a citizen’s life, but also become the scene with tourism.

At the military governance’s country, a king’s death would bring about what kind of change. Remember when I just arrived here, sharing a book that I had read to a person, writing about the word Thailand, it said ‘Thai’ is mean freedom, so Thailand is a free country, right? She expresses a strange facial appearance, smile with embarrassed then reply to me: Really? I couldn’t realized at that time.

Now the travel was finished, put down every what I hears and sees, catch sight of other have, but we don’t, or we have, but other not necessarily. Surrounded by difference lands and cultures, experience the happening event at the same time, but is different completely, believe when a switch of strong sensation opened, every present will become a piece and a piece of future ineradicable, blending, accumulation. Remember this scene, bring it back to your land simultaneously, think how to change, to treat well, to continue.

One day we visited a Canadian artist on the mountain. Her house in memory, is sinking into a swamp with a tire before you arrived, is front door’s creek and waterfall, also is a workshop that refreshing, desiccation, unique to create an Africa musical instrument. From material choosing, manufacture to play. All of come from that tall and strong body, sturdy, handy pair of hands. Admire ones beautiful from outside to inside, her work just like an art, not necessarily produce a sound, just quiet look at were already to express unique.

Came to new place, get know the friends who selfless sharing their life with the source of relaxing, meet the beautiful scenery which lets me stop and look, be caught closing into the local thus, by people.
The abstract and realistic are not exist for me. Believe or paint what I see rather than what is real. Building the nature of soul strongly. I’m going to meet the people and environment who I’m most interested and curious and use my way to create the work for the place. My habitual material are recycle papers and old things that people have been used, I also used to made the sculpture by pottery and paper.

01 02

My idea is… I’d like to create some portraits that, instead of ‘looking like a person’ (the word portrait upside-down in Taiwanese), but rather a liquid to increase imaginative space and get more feeling about temperature
between people.

03 4

I will walk further, stay in different location and feel the happening things at the same time. I will start from feeling and extending by a sense of beauty. This kind of scene at a distance from the ocean, intention to exchange, just like the fish swimming between island and island, they especially vigorous for each other to spread the message.


The circumstances attract me to here (Doisaket) is the place surrounded by the forest and the lake, also the formless creating formations. To think about how could build the work that can be disappeared when time goes by, which creates the harmless work to merge in mother nature. It’s not just only learning, but people with their inner believe. The direct way for us to communicate with land that foster us, that I want to
find and balance with my life at the present.


Life is like walking on a hawser. For creating, the balance points are scenes of beauty and pleasurable sensation, also between sensibility and rationality. I don’t want be a person who prompted by sense in the period that spirit are the most vigorous and affected.

Thailand, “Thai” means “freedom”. Their people value on the power that when a person to person reunite, doesn’t like along. To compare with my hometown, always enjoy oneself and worry in busy life. What does freedom mean to a country person? Believe let the spirit rises to a higher level, the sense of beauty will being kind of love.