Valerie Jacques-Belair (Canada)


Spending a month in ComPeung was really beneficial for me. As I’ve been traveling for many months through Asia, I needed a quiet place where I could relax and not worry about my usual everyday preoccupations; I found it in ComPeung. Therefore, I was able to work on my painting project, and had the time to create many portraits,showing mainly the human body in anexpressive way.With those paintings, I’ve explored vivid colors and pursued my goal to express solitude and pain through the bodies represented.

After a day of work, it was nice to spend some friendly time with the ComPeung team, and later with the other artists as well, so the quietness of the place didn’t turn into loneliness.


Valerie Jacques-Belair is painter and sculptor from Canada. In all her works, the presence of the human body is really important; it is a pretext for the artist to play with colors, image composition, shapes, etc. Her work is expressive and sincere; sometimes a bit harsh, always colorful. The contrasts are really important in all of her art pieces; whether with colors, or by playing with the link between aesthetic techniques and the subject. When portraying a body in motion, she will use colors to suggest death – all of her works stand on that thin line between vivid colors and harsh subject, motion and stillness, life and death.