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Factory Nights is a series of inspiring working sessions for ANY visual artists, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, filmmakers and any other creatives! Factory Nights is not a discussion event, seminar or workshop. Factory Nights are FREE sessions that simply provide an opportunity for creative people to come together in an interesting venue and supportive environment to make work or initiate ideas. Artists can come to the sessions with something they have been working on or could start something brand new, inspired by the space. Factory Nights have been successfully running in the UK since 2008 and a number of New Commissions and New Collaborations are underway.
NEW commissions/ NEW collaborations for Factory Nights 2009-2010:    Artists that attend Factory Nights will have the opportunity to submit a brief proposal to rednile for help with the development of a new idea or initiation of a new collaboration which has been inspired by a session. More information on how to apply and selection criteria will be provided at each Factory Night. There will also be an opportunity to showcase any new work which has been created during the Factory Nights programme at the Factory Night celebration exhibition event in 2010 and could also be selected to feature in the Factory Nights publication. Aims of Factory Nights: Rednile and ComPeung hope to bring together creative people to open up art and artists' practices, forge creative relationships with businesses, communities and arts organizations whilst utilizing interesting and often overlooked venues and buildings. The programme will also build upon rednile's relationships with business that have developed over the last 6 years, bringing new people together and providing a channel for creative people to become more visible. This process may increase the opportunity for more cultural events and arts commissions whilst informing local authority and businesses of local talent.
More Information about rednile: Rednile is creatively directed by three UK artists Janine Goldsworthy, Suzanne Hutton and Michael Branthwaite, Janine is currently the ComPeung Artist in Residence. Rednile have been initiating and developing projects in public spaces since 2004. Rednile work in collaboration with many other artists and creative people and promote professionalism by paying artists for their time work and talent. Rednile projects engage with the wider community to enable others to explore and enjoy art. www.rednile.org

Janine Goldsworthy

My current practice involves making site specific temporary (public art) interventions using colour to highlight features and materials which often use metaphors to suggest a narrative. These works are made in collaboration with other rednile projects artists and invited artists. The artworks are developed over a period of time researching a site/space and include engagement with the local community that use this space. This process includes sharing of ideas, stories and local knowledge to help identify sites of interest and generate the ideas behind the artworks.

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