Category: Photography & Video

Femke Teussink (Netherlands)

I need some time to reflect on my artwork and I’m searching for a new way to look at my art and art generally.  I noticed that I had a big question –  ‘What is art?’ Here, I think, my journey begins… Femke Teussink graduated in 2000 as a visual artist specialized in photography at Art Academy […]

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AdeY (UK/Sweden)

At the heart of my images I bring to light discussions around gender roles and the relevance this has in societies all around the globe. I’m searching for new and fresh ways in which to approach an old debate that resonate with contemporary society. Through using ideas of gender neutrality and breaking down typical roles […]

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Roxy Russell (UK)

I have been exploring different ways to represent the surprising lightness of the landscapes in the Himalayas. Sewing on paper and fabric. With a needle and hand sewing machine. Capturing the floatiness of something so powerful and vast. Landscapes and horizons. Skylines. Outlines. More photos here My interest for photography, and the way it captures […]

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Cory Sever (USA)

The current project I am proposing within the ComPeung Artist Residency combines both wearable headpieces, along with autobiographical narrative drawings. I plan within the offered time to complete a minimum of 5 masks using materials both found and purchased within Thailand. I often refer to these masks as my ‘Cast of Bandits’ in which each […]

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