Doi Saket

Area: 671 sq km / Population: 71,316 (2015) / Density: 106 person per sq km

Doi Saket district is a 30 min drive north-east of Chiang Mai City. It is predominantly a rural farming area, containing a mixture of rice fields on the valley floor and orchard and other farming on the hillsides.

Doisaket Market


Site & Surrounding

Hidden behind a line of teak trees near public ponds, the ComPeung site began as just a piece of empty farmland without any facilities. Now after over 10 years of sculpting this micro community from scratch–planting all the trees, bringing in the road, water, and electricity, and building the houses–with the help of resident artists, our friends and family ComPeung has become a peaceful garden oasis.


Main House

  • The main house is where we live. Our bedroom and bathroom are constructed from homemade adobe bricks. The 6×12 m extended communal space including kitchen, dining, and living room is constructed with the mixture of adobe/earthbag technique. This is where we share our daily meals and fruitful conversations.
  • Guests can share our bathroom.


Artist House #1

  • The wall is built with Earthbag technique, rooms separated with adobe bricks.
  • Bedroom and indoor studio/office appx. 6×10 m with attached bathroom. The studio can sometimes function as an extra bedroom. The 6 x 5 m porch looking to the garden on the west offers open air studio space under the roof.
  • Bathroom attached.


Artist House #2

  • The wall is built with earth bag technique with double layers of bags filled with earth to support the upstairs which is made from bamboo structure, plastered with clay. The wall’s thickness of over 1 meter makes the house signal proof. No phone or internet signal can penetrate the wall, but you can use your mobile devices outside the house. The door is looking directly to the polar star, acting like a compass.
  • Half circle loft space serves as an open bedroom. The interior space is 4 m radius with 8m high ceiling, surrounded with small air vent windows. 2 small rooms downstairs can be filled with 2 more beds. Suitable for an artist team. The porch outside the house can be transformed to a working space.
  • Bathroom attached.

Condition of the space

  • Approximate area of 2.8 acres (appx 2 soccer fields) near natural fishing lakes, forest and mountains.
  • Main earthen house with shared kitchen and attached bathroom.
  • Artist house #1 with a basic bedroom, private bathroom, indoor and outdoor studio spaces.
  • Artist house #2 with 1 maisonette bedroom, 1 small bedroom downstairs, spacious private bathroom, indoor and outdoor working spaces.
  • Electric fans, mosquito nets.
  • Multi-functional outdoor space, 6 x 12 m with projection screens and projector.
  • Industrial fan, a variety of manual and electric tools.
  • Running water. 220 volt electricity.
  • Good mobile phone reception.
  • Internet access (Wifi, download/upload: 10M/512K).
  • No shared computers. Artists do need to bring their own laptop.