Sabina Grasso

Empty & Shadow

A project by Sabina Grasso in collaboration with Francesco Urbano RagazziLIVE WORKS: Performance Art Award by Centrale Fies in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA. The residency at ComPeung is sustained by nctm e l’arte

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Roman W. Schatz

I AM A Butterfly

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Anne Kathrin Greiner

ComPeung 2012 Grant Recipients: Artist Presentation

My work will explore both the landscape and the people who inhabit it, examining how they connect with one other. The everyday rhythms, rituals and cycles and the interaction of landscape and human intervention are to be the focus of my research and practice. >more info<

Nathalie Tafelmacher Magnat and Tobias Sternberg

ComPeung 2012 Grant Recipients: Artist Presentation

The Witch

The Witch is the companion piece to our art video The Magician, which is currently under production. Both these videos are filmed using stop motion techniques but with live actors, Tobias in the case of The Magician, and Nathalie as The Witch. >more info<

Mona Oren, Ellis Hutch, and Helen Michaelsen


Exhibited as single video projection as part of ComPeung Revisited 2007 – 2012 at Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre in December 2011, the v.o.i.d. project was shown as a large screen video installation at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space from August to October 2012. >more info: v.o.i.d. #02, 2011< >more info: v.o.i.d. #01, 2010<

Monali Meher

Camouflaged Dragon, 2011

A moving/time-base still life, Camouflaged Dragon is a representation of one of those many geckos I was confronted with every day and night. I lean on the dragon wall covering my face and head with a camouflaged hat, protecting myself from the strong sun and just being as still as possible to blend in with the rest as to blur one’s individuality. The character as a whole remains a mystery with contradictions. >more info<

Jai Arun Ravine

Tom / Trans / Thai [Excerpt], 2011

This short experimental film approaches the subject of female-to-male (FTM) transgender identity in the Thai context by addressing tom and trans-masculine identities among Thai and Thai American people and the transnational relationships between gender and language. >more info<

Kimberly Miller

Passing Over, 2011

The work created at ComPeung represents the results of a creative laboratory.  ComPeung gave me the gift of community, language and action. ComPeung challenged me to change some of my thinking patterns, and to be brave enough to let go. >more info<

Istvan Kantor

White Boy From the East, 2009

In the autobiographical manifesto/mash-up music video White Boy from the East, Kantor challenges concepts of origins as he makes controversial claims to the Asian roots of Hungarian people in an outrageously humorous musical performance. Istvan Kantor (a.k.a. Monty Cantsin) was born in Budapest and is currently based in Toronto. He is well known for his intellectually rebellious, anti-authoritarian, action-based art practice in performance, robotics, mixed media, sound and installation. Kantor received the Governor General’s Award for Visual and Media Arts in 2004. >more info<


Tadasu Takamine & ComPeung

Twist & Twist, 2009 – 2010

Twist & Twist began in May 2009, when Takamine visited ComPeung. It focuses on the process than the finished product. The project’s im/possibilities were being between Takamine and the ComPeung team through emails and online conferences for over 2 months. This initial exchange and in conjunction with interviews conducted in Japan and a short working residency @ ComPeung shaped the ideas into reality – thus culminating in the current museum presentation at the BACC. The installation is part of the process of shaping Twist & Twist.  Indeed, rather than sharing with the audience some examples of sustainability, we wish to raise some questions that haven’t been clearly answered. >more info<


VDO is created by Tadasu Takamine & Kotaro Konishi

Sofian Audry

Absences, 2008 – 2011

Absences is a public intervention project that involves electronic objects interacting with nature. Taking shape the frontier of new media and land art, it proposes a meditation on solitude and association, interaction and adaptation, natural and artificial, biological and inanimate. >more info<

Christine Cheung, Hamid Mouala, Jun’ichiro Ishii, Nazia Preema, Pisithpong (Ong) Siraphisut

Daily Language, 2008

Daily Language is the result of a spontaneous collaboration, highlighting obstacles in language as the common denominator.

Jane Korman 

My Perfect Man, 2008

It has always been my dream to have a man who provides for me physically, emotionally and spiritually. To find this Man is a difficult venture, maybe impossible. So I decided to create my own inanimate man who has all these qualities. I made ‘Som Chai’ not only as a companion, but also as a means of understanding how ‘men’ and ‘relationships’ tick. >more info<