Melt Down, 2015

Multiply crises keep us in suspense: financial crisis, wars, global warming and diseases put us in a diffuse nervous condition with no orientation. The media flood our perceptions with complex, rapidly changing information, which we can not bring into relation with ourselves. A sense of a state of emergency is spreading in our present…read more

The residency is supported by Cultural Exchange Program of the Berlin Senat, Germany.

ComPeung Featuring Jai Arun Ravine For Chiang Mai Now!, 2011, BACC, Bangkok

ComPeung Featuring Jai Arun Ravine For Chiang Mai Now!

Tom / Trans / Thai, 2011

When ComPeung got invited to be part of Chiang Mai Now!, we opted for an exact mirror image of what ComPeung aspires to be: a creative content provider with a platform for artists to challenge us, our perceptions and presumptions by expressing relevant remarks with a sense of urgency. …read more


Tadasu Takamine & ComPeung for Twist&Shout, BACC, Bangkok

Tadasu Takamine & ComPeung for Twist & Shout, BACC, Bangkok

Twist & Twist, 2010

The collaboration began in May 2009, when Takamine visited ComPeung. Impressed by the sustainable frameworks, ComPeung’s self-built earthen architecture inspired the final project at the BACC. …read more

Japan Foundation

Drive Home

Drive Home

Feeling(s) Transplant operation / In Case of Her Who “Having A Shower, Well”, 2007

Drive Home received one of 2007 S-AIR Awards from the city of Sapporo, Japan as part of the new network exchange project with S-AIR (Sapporo Artist in Residency, Japan) for 2 months. This was the first time ComPeung made an exchange with other foreign creative organizations…read more


Tomoki Sakuta

Tomoki Sakuta

Current Polaris 08/2551, 2007

I looked for Polaris (The Pole Star) in cloudy night sky in Chiang-Mai in August.
And I found several points where I can see the Polaris above the roof tip-top of Don-Mi House that was being built by Japanese college students.
This made an imaginary horizontal line through the center of the house and it must be a meridian…read more


Hosei University Students

Don-Mi House, 2007 – 2008

For two years, students from Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan came to ComPeung to construct a communication space in form of a shelter at the ComPeung site….read more



Chotto, 2007

ComPeung has a number of shelters and houses, but not many trees yet. To change this we would like to plant some trees at ComPeung, applying an environmental friendly technique. Our tree-planting activity is inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s concept of The 4 Principles of Non-invasive Agriculture, which in a contemporary sense can be called ‘Minimalist Farming’. …read more

In collaboration with Angkrit Ajchariyasophon


ComPeung Revisited 2007 – 2012


Nong Baow Lake, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai
1 – 31 November 2014

doi saket_inter is not only about art, but about how art interacts with society. The opening will coincide with the local celebration of Loi Krathong festival during the full moon of November…read more

The festival is supported by Cherng Doi Municipality, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.

ComPeung Revisited 2007 – 2012

ComPeung Revisited 2007 – 2012

Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre
, Dec 3 – 29, 2011

A celebration of ComPeung’s first major milestone of its residency program in Doi Saket, the first non-governmental AiR in Thailand. This group exhibition featuring works by international artists pays tribute to the artists who have been part of the ComPeung AiR program since 2007…read more

The exhibition is supported by Inga Michaelsen.

ComPeung Outdoor Art Event

ComPeung Outdoor Art Event

ComPeung, 2007

ComPeung invited local Thai artists to work side by side with ComPeung’s resident artists to create site-specific works for the community at the ComPeung site. With this event ComPeung introduced its concept, activities and vision to the local community…read more

ComPeung Grants (2010 – 2013)


Kate Carr

Kate Carr

Lost in Doi Saket – a sound map

I’ve never been a driver and have a hopeless sense of direction, so deciding to rent a scooter for my month in Doi Saket was always going to be risky. Nor did things start well at the rental place. Before I had even managed to ride a metre with my feet off the ground the owner had declared me ready to go and pushed me out the door…read more


Anne Kathrin Greiner

Anne Kathrin Greiner


I want to explore and examine those peripheral places that are almost without definite purpose and which can easily pass unnoticed. They are locales existing at the margins of daily recognition whose hidden stories and functions I aim to discover and visually interpret…read more

Nathalie Tafelmacher Magnat & Tobias Sternberg

Nathalie Tafelmacher Magnat & Tobias Sternberg

The Witch

The Witch is the companion piece to our art video The Magician, which is currently under production. Both these videos are filmed using stop motion techniques but with live actors…read more




…Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…

In the residency we wanted to explore continuous movement and repetition in art with a meditative attitude. These elements came from our interest in meditation and Buddhism. For a while we didn’t have a clear plan how we would implement this “investigation”. …read more

Maia Sørensen

Maia Sorensen


A SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE is a three-screen-video-dance-collage- installation, where everything is seen from the perspective of a dancing body. A camera is attached to different body parts while moving through the landscape of ComPeung…read more


Alix Waline

Alix Waline


Alix focuses on a site specific wall drawing inside the round house (2nd artist house), investing an entire space to experiment the possibility of modifying its perception by graphic touches…read more

Andrew Salgado

Andrew Salgado

The Lake Suite

The work I completed at Compeung is part of what I hope to evolve into a larger series of works. The series is entitled “The Lake Suite” named after both the Edgar Allen Poe poem ‘The Lake’, and the inspiration culled from the lake near Compeung Village…read more


In autumn 2009 my mother, Inga Michaelsen, offered us to sponsor 2 fully paid grants per year for selected artists to come and work at ComPeung for 1 month. She had always been a supporter in the ComPeung project, believing in its potential and the possibilities it had to offer to artists. With her generous financial support we were fortunate to create the ComPeung Grant. Our aim was to give emerging artists the opportunity to pursue an individual project that would allow them to freely explore. Already in the first year the response to our open call was amazing, exceeding our expectations by far with applications from all over the world. The number of applications grew even more in the following years. With my mother’s sudden unexpected passing away in November 2013, the ComPeung Grant ceased.

For the first ComPeung Grant in 2010 we chose as recipients the Canadian painter Andrew Salgado, whose career has taken off since then, and the French artist Alix Waline, who took over the roundhouse and as result completely transformed its interior walls. It was the first time she could explore her pen and ink drawings on a large scale. Realizing this project helped her to secure prestigious large-scale projects in Paris in the years after.

The ComPeung Grant 2011 saw the Finnish artist duo Elin & Keino, Sandra Nyberg and Heini Nieminen, respond to the ComPeung site and its surroundings with site specific installations, leaving temporary marks. The Danish artist Maia Sorensen produced videos by attaching a camera to moving objects on land, under water, and in the air.

For the ComPeung Grant 2012 the German photographer Anne Kathrin Greiner explored the new environment with her intimate images of local people, whereasthe French-Swedish artist duo, Nathalie Tafelmacher Magnat and Tobias Sternberg created magic fragmented environments at the ComPeung site for theirstop motion film The Magician.

In 2013 the final ComPeung Grant recipient Kate Carr, a sound artist from Sydney,Australia, created during her residency Lost in Doi Saket – a sound map, a beautiful, sensitive homage to ComPeung, to Doi Saket and its surroundings. This project has been well received in sound art circles

Helen Michaelsen

September 2015

International Activities (outside Thailand)

International projects and activities by ComPeung members: Pisithpong (Ong) Siraphisut / Helen Michaelsen


photo: Canberra Contemporary Art Space


Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Australia

24 August – 6 October 2012

An exhibition by Helen Michaelsen, in collaboration with Mona Oren and Ellis Hutch. Each artist drew on an individual experience and relationship with materials to create a performance to be shown as part of a series of video works…read more

ComPeung Outdoor Art Event

photo: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (KIOKU Keizo)

Tadasu Takamine: Good House, Nice Body

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan

29 April 2010 – 21 March 2011

A one year exhibition by Tadasu Takamine. Pisithpong Siraphisut was invited as a guest speaker and workshops collaborator…read more

Sapporo 2 Project

photo: Sapporo 2 Project

Sapporo 2 Project

Sapporo Snow Festival, Sapporo, Japan

February 2009

An annual cultural snow festival in the city of Sapporo. Pisithpong Siraphisut was invited by npo S-AiR, Japan to produce a video work for the festival…read more

ComPeung Outdoor Art Event

photo: TransCultural Exchange(Charles Giuliano)

2009 Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts

Omni Parker House, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

29 April 2010 – 21 March 2011, presented by TransCultural Exchange

International Opportunities in the Arts. ComPeung was invited as a representative…read more