Roxy Russell (UK)

Like a Dream, Thread and Fabric, ComPeung, 2016

I have been exploring different ways to represent the surprising lightness of the landscapes in the Himalayas. Sewing on paper and fabric. With a needle and hand sewing machine. Capturing the floatiness of something so powerful and vast. Landscapes and horizons. Skylines. Outlines.
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My interest for photography, and the way it captures something with so little, emerged early on and continues to fascinate me. My work is about trying to capture, to preserve something that is always in passing or changing. The sun, water, horizons. A continuous flow. It is about the process, duration, and inscription. Exploring the movement and traces of nature. Seizing the unnoticed. The small things that make life, well life. For the presentation of my findings, I mainly use photography in different forms. But also installation, drawing, projection and engraving.


Going Up, Thread and handmade paper, ComPeung, 2016

When I was young I loved Van Gogh’s sunflowers (a painting I do not like as much nowadays). Yesterday my favorite work of art was the cameraless photographs by Susan Derges. Today I think it is Berndnaut Smilde’s clouds. Tomorrow who knows.

My passion for photography and the way it captures something with so little emerged when I first visited a dark room. An interest that developed during a foundation year in Geneva. The body. Movement. Words. Stories. I continued my studies with a bachelor of Fine Arts in Sierre at the ECAV. I discovered Installation art. The ephemeral. Change. Nature. And a semester in Finnish Lapland. The immediate. The passing. The course of time. Light. Extremes. And I love ironing ice.

Back in Sierre my work becomes more specific. I make nature leave a trace. The process. Duration. Inscription. Capture. Preservation. I am still exploring the movement and traces of nature. The sun. The lake. Horizons. Essentials. The passing of time. Capturing the invisible. Or the unnoticed.

For the presentation of my research, attempts and discoveries I mainly use installation, projection or prints. But also drawing, frames and engraving on glass. My work is often a poetic representation of traces and time through elements of nature. Essentially, I am trying to capture a continuous flow. Something that has been, is and shall always be in passing. I currently live and work in Geneva.