Tatsuo Inagaki and students from Hosei University, Tokyo


Collaboration work with ComPeung's current artist, Surajate Tongchua.
Collaboration work with ComPeung’s current artist, Surajate Tongchua.


For the 8th time since 2007, Tatsuo Inagaki brought his students from Hosei University, Tokyo to ComPeung. As part of the ComPeung Project 2014 Tatsuo, his son -Yuta, and his 4 students, Risa Kaneaki, Rinakko Kaneaki, Kaho Ikeda, Satoru Hashida, conducted creative workshops with pre-school students at Wat Patumsararam, Doisaket and worked collaboratively with our current artist, Surajate Tongchua on his 6-month project ‘Meeting Space’.