YoonJung Lee (S.Korea)

I constantly lived in cities and I was accustomed to hectic and fast-paced lifestyle of the metropolis. Which made my perspective limited by thinking that “this object came into my life”. This leads to a stagnating viewpoint, as if I’m imitating my own scene. In turn, the act of painting becomes like repeating the same magic over and over again.
Instead, I throw a little twist on thought and have the object look at me and invite me into its cosmos. I broaden my perspective and sense a world that is beyond the limitations of my own perception and understanding. Change of thought helped me to capture ideas in daily life to cheer myself to continue art in a daily base. I continue to express compositions inspired from my daily life while capturing and expressing those feelings beyond me.

Entrance, Acrylic on panel, 12×17″, ComPeung, 2017

I seek into a clear state of mind to better express the ideas that emerge from my inner self. Through meditation and closed eyes, I give myself a black canvas, but the black is not bleak. The floating and dancing lights are artifacts from what I’ve seen before and what I see despite the darkness. Focusing on that little light guides me in my travels through my mind. The lights themselves draw different pictures and compose what my inner self seeks to express.
I search for both a pure representation of myself from within my ego and without, giving me the opportunity to explore and express new environments beyond the limits of daily life.

Relation, Acrylic on panel. 12×16″, ComPeung, 2017


While I was growing up, the only constant friend I had was art. I first found art when I was three years old. My joy in childhood was drawing in my mom’s address book while she talked on the phone. To play with art, all I needed was a pen, lipstick, or the juice from kimchi.
In order to be myself, and to be mature as a lady, I needed art in my life. When people said I won’t earn much money like others so give up becoming an artist, I did not wanted to give up because art was my life. Everything is related with art for me. Even my desk is full of art supplies; Brushes, pencils, markers and color pencils everything is there. All the art supplies are alive to me. They protect me, understand me, help figure out my life.